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Welcome to Poofy Organics by Charlene

Those that know me well, know that I am very health conscience.  A short time ago I began a journey to uncover the truth in what I was eating and feeding my family.  I was truly shocked at what I discovered and made many changes.  I enrolled in a home study holistic nutrition course and devoured the knowledge.  I discovered what was good for one was not always good for another as we are all individuals when it comes to what our bodies need and what we do not need.

During this quest I drove my family crazy.  Trying to educate my teenagers at the time so they would make wiser choices.  My daughter was 100% on board and saw quick results in her health but my son was a bit more skeptical.  One day he called me out as he walked through my cloud of hairspray and could smell my freshly shellacked nails.  I realized he was right.  I was being a hypocrite!  I was so concerned about what we were putting in our bodies, but what we put on our bodies is just as important, it works hand in hand for optimal health.  

The skin abosorbs every toxin that we apply.  A women puts an average of 168 chemicals on her body everyday.  There are at least 57,000 chemicals in personal care products and the FDA is required to review only 5 per year.  It would take 260 years to catch up to the European Union which has already banned 1,300 chemicals used in personal care products, and has restricted another 256.  Did you know that anywhere you see the word "Fragrance" or "Parfum" on a product label that it consists of 100s of chemicals to get the smell, and we absorb every one of them. 

So then began my search for the best personal care products.  I found a lot of companies but many claimed to be natural (which is a word not regulated), or toxin free (which is not the same as free of toxins), or companies that only cared about recruiting. 

Then one day I stumbled upon Poofy Organics.  Poofy is a small family based company in New Jersey.  They begain in 2006 after a family member was diagnosed with breast cancer.  They hand make all of their products with fresh ingredients that are free of toxins in small batches to ensure quality.  The products are fragranced only with essential oils and extracts that have long been used for therapeutic properties.  They are USDA Certified Organic and gluten free.  Their products are safe for expectant mothers, children, pets, the environment.....your whole family.

They care about educating people of the dangers that lurk in companies claiming to be green (greenwashing) and the toxic ingredients that are endocrine disruptors.  Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that are absorbed, breathed in, or ingested that can mess with our bodies endocrine system.  They mimic our own hormones and trick our bodies having a negative impact.  They have been linked to asthma, allergies, ADHD, cancer, obesity, reproductive issues, and they even pass into unborn fetuses.  As early as 2004 it was detected that umbilical cord blood is being burdened with toxic chemicals.  In reality.....WE are becoming genetically modified.  I encourage you to watch the movie STINK!

My goal with Poofy Organics is to help educate.  Did you ever wonder why you and your family use a tube of toothpaste that warns you to call the poison control center if to much is swallowed?  With Poofy Organics you do not need to worry about those things.  Do organic toxin free products work differently?  Does it sometimes take your body time to adjust?  Absolutely!  You will not get that foamy mouth from the toothpaste becasue it is the chemicals that make it foam.  You will not get a headache or sinus issues with our cleaners because we leave the chemicals and synthetic fragrances out of the recipe.  You may need to wash your arm pits in the evening when using an organic toxin free deoderant.  It is the aluminum and antiperspirant in conventional deoderants that stop the bodies natural detoxing process trapping those toxins in our lymph nodes which can travel to our breasts.  For someone like me who has very dense breasts filled with cysts, taking this one extra step to have normal mammograms is not an inconvenience.

Please let me help you unburden your family of the dangers that lurk in the hundreds of personal care, bath, and home products hiding in your cabinets!

Let me help you enjoy some great party benefits.  From free products and discounts to amazing hostess gifts!  Virtual parties are so popular now.....your friends can learn and shop without leaving home!
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